Elena: Jan is one of the most popular players in Lokomotiv

Elena Rybakova is a young photographer and student from Moscow. She is a big fan of Lokomotiv and Slovak footballer Jan Durica, too. Her photos are published on the official website jandurica.sk and we wanted to ask her, why she enjoys photography and what she thinks about our player.

When did you meet Jan for the first time?
I met Jan for the first time in 2009. The team had a meeting with the fans. The newcomers were presented and there was Jan among them.
What was your first impression?
That he often smiles and  it is always a pleasure to photograph him.
Did you watch him during his career in Saturn or just in Lokomotiv?
Dmitrij Loskov was playing  for ”Saturn” in those days. He had been a long-term captain of Lokomotiv and Vadim Evseev, a former player Loko and a player of team Russia is famous for his goal to the gate of Wales. So I carefully watched the games of this team. In the “Saturn” Durica showed strong and robust game proved to be excellent in the season 2007, when he was playing all the matches of the championship without replacements. Also in 2007, Jan was  awarded  best left central defender in the Russian championship.
Is he one of the most popular player in Lokomotiv?
Yes, I think, we can say so. After returning to the ”Lokomotiv” from Hannover, Jan entrenched in the starting lineup and has become more popular among fans.
When did you start to take pictures of Lokomotiv matches?
Lokomotiv is my favorite team. I have been cheering  for it since 2000, and in 2007 I began to photograph matches.
Where have you published your photos? Except jandurica.sk :-)
On the Russian Internet Portal about football  http://www.soccer.ru/ and the site of the Lokomotiv fans  http://www.l-oko.ru/.
How have the  fans been cheering  for him? Just by saying his name Jan?
Just by the surname «Durica»!
What is his most remarkable match for you?
The recent match of Lokomotiv in Nalchik is fresh in the memory. And the winning goal of Jan in the final minutes of the match. It was the match in the guests, 50-60 fans came to support a team, after the first half Lokomotiv lost, but at the second half the players came out with a different mindset and Dennis Glushakov managed to even the score. At the end of the match Renat Yanbaev was injured, and Jan went to replace, and immediately scored a goal. Sector exploded with joy! :) I was on the tribune. This victory was very important to us. After the match, Lokomotiv went to the 3rd place in the league, and fans invented the following lines „in third place for the first time since the summer! Thanks Durica for it!“
Do you think that once he will end his career in Lokomotiv?
We would like Jan to end his career when playing for the Lokomotiv. He has a contract until June of 2015.
Is he  very popular among women? :-)
Yes, he’s one of those players who is very popular among women. There are many such footballers in Loko: Dmitriy Sychev, Dmitriy Torbinsky, Renat  Yanbaev, as well as former players of Lokomotiv – Diniyar Bilyaletdinov and Marat Izmailov.
Why do you have this hobby?
I love football. I love to draw, I want to become a designer. Photography , for me, isa kind of modern art. Sports Photographyis a combination of my favorite; sport and the arts.
What and where do you study and what do you want to do after college?
I am studying design at Art-graphic faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical University. I hope that after graduation I will get a job related to my specialization.

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